Introducing the Romeo|Juliet Wand Massager

A women's premium brand for personal massage relief


Consider for a moment the humble wand vibrator. The most famous example of this kind of sex toy is the Hitachi magic wand, which was introduced as a “personal massager” in 1968. It was, and is, a very effective device for relieving knots of the shoulder, that’s right. It was and is also very good for bringing people with the clitoris to orgasm. It is the little black dress, so to speak, of many collections of sex toys – a reliable classic that is suitable for almost all occasions of masturbation. And when a rechargeable version was introduced in 2015, fans of the famous magic wand were delighted to no longer have to be attached to the wall during solo sex sessions.


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Best buy ever!!!!!!
This is my first Wand and I can tell you it has become one of my basic needs. It has changed completely the way that me and my husband interact in bed, and I mean in a good way. There's no way you are gonna regret buying this for sure. The look is so elegant and discreet, even the buttons and charging slot are kind of hidden at first sight so it looks almost like a microphone (I got the black one)

Jessica S.

I thought I enjoyed my old vibrator before it finally quit working but this surpasses it. I was very skeptical about buying something online but I read through a lot of reviews and decided to take the risk! I didn’t want a huge wand, but I did want the powerful vibrations. This wand is the perfect size and there’s bound to be a setting anyone would enjoy


So I got this for my wife .I thought she deserved something to relax her self and spice up the bedroom a little more ! Well let me say the first time she used it ! It did not take more than three minutes to have a very powerful orgasm ..I was surprised and could not believe it ! It is so powerful and very strong as she described ! She loved that the massager is wide and like that it covered a lot of the area is a little loud but not that bad under the cover

Just A Guy

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