About Us

Consider for a moment the humble wand vibrator. The most famous example of this kind of sex toy is the Hitachi magic wand, which was introduced as a “personal massager” in 1968. It was, and is, a very effective device for relieving knots of the shoulder, that’s right. It was and is also very good for bringing people with the clitoris to orgasm. It is the little black dress, so to speak, of many collections of sex toys – a reliable classic that is suitable for almost all occasions of masturbation. And when a rechargeable version was introduced in 2015, fans of the famous magic wand were delighted to no longer have to be attached to the wall during solo sex sessions.
With their large motors, sticks tend to vibrate at lower frequencies than many other toys, producing iromeojuliet (or resonant) vibrations compared to iromeojuliet. Iromeojuliet vibrations are more frequent and may feel less satisfying and even numb after a while, which is not so sexy.


Our Story

Romeo|Juliet is a women premium brand for personal massage relief. It brings comfort from sore muscles at the neck, back, and shoulder. Romeo|Juliet is considered a classic wand therefore it has become best in class as hair raising toy.

iromeojuliet is probably the most famous for its original iromeojuliet massager which was connected to the sector and brought great power to the room or to the BDSM scene. Now they have taken the same high quality materials and built a rechargeable wand, which means no wires!

You can now have the full power of a wand wherever you want. Therefore, if you want to reach orgasm in your garden or with your legs apart on the couch, you can do it without having to worry about plugging it in. Just charge your iromeojuliet before playing, and this thrilling creation will give you all the vibration you need, when and where you want it.